The Best Dog Treats

Finding the best dog treat for your pup can be just as daunting a task a find the right food.  There are so many options!  Chew sticks, jerky’s, freeze-dried (my dog loves these in livers), training treats, and much more.

You will want to consider the purpose of the treat you purchase.  Is it for training? Then you are going to want something small, low calorie, that you can give repeatably during training.  After a treat is just that, a treat, and is given as a reward, special circumstance, etc.

Are you looking for something more challenging or to keep your dog occupied?  Then you would be looking into chew sticks, raw hides, pig ears and bones.

Just like looking at dog foods, you want to consider the contents of the treats that you are purchasing.

Some things to look out for when considering dog treats are:

  • Calories – Make sure to understand how much of a treat you are supposed to serve, how many per day and what the caloric impact is.
  • Ingredients – You want to find something is almost 100% meat and has very few ingredients.
  • Chemicals & Preservatives – Avoid Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA), Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), and Ethoxyquin as they are toxic.
  • Dyes – Avoid Red 40, Blue 2 and Yellow 5 has they are know to cause allergic reactions and more ( like cancer). Your puppy snacks should not have any dyes.
  • By Products – Meat by products – avoid this at all costs.
  • Other – Avoid PG (Propylene Glycol), Rendered Fat (What does that even mean), Corn and Wheat Gluten.

At the end of the day, you should be able to understand the ingredients list, read it, pronounce it and it should be short.

Here are some great brands to check out and get started with for treats your dog.

Best Dog Treats

Dog Food Brand


Customer Ratings


Rocco & Roxie

Best Seller for Jerky Treats



Top Dog Foods & Treats


Best Bully Sticks

Grass Fed, Cow Ears


Blue Buffalo

Great Treats, Grain Free


Different Types Of Dog Treats

The brands presented above and the guidelines presented are a great starting point.  Check out those excellent brands of Treats for your Dog and try them out for your dog!

Each brand has several types, from chews to training, soft and hard, and everything in between. 

Stay tuned for our next K9 Conversation where we dig into the different treats for specific needs.