Dog ID Tags are an essential item every pet parent needs to have on their dogs collar or harness. Dog tags provide identifiying information about a dog so any human knows about that dog.

Typically containing the dogs name in big letters on one side and the phone number and or address of the dogs owner on the other. This identifying information is essential to have in case the owner gets separated from their dog. Make sure each collar or harness you have for you dog has its own dog ID tag.

There are no shortage of options for pet parents when it comes to ID tags for their dogs. There are endless styles, colors, shapes and more available. You can even get GPS for your dog collars to help locate your pup! Crazy!

Unique Dog Id Tags

Dog Tags are a very personal item. You are able to find one that lets you put your style and creativity to work. Plus you want it to be unique right?
I mean afterall your dog is unique and one of a kind! Lets see some options for unique dog ID tags from Amazon:

Personalized Dog Tags

Your dogs id tag should not be general or generic. It NEEDS to be personalized. It should have your dogs name on it, and your phone number at the minimum. 

One thing to keep in mind is the size of your dog too. You don’t want some big, heavy ID tag on your small dog. Plus it might look akward. So make sure to think about the size of your dog and in turn its id tag.

Color does matter. Don’t get an ID tag that is the same color as your dogs coat, it might be hard to see or find should the need arise.

Lastly, think about material and position. If you have other tags on the same ring, like rabies tags, you might want a rubber coating so you don’t hear it jingle all the time!