Dog Collars and Leashes are probably one of the hardest decisions to make for a pet owner.  Style needs to meet form factor and performance needs.  This is main true of dog collars or harnesses, not so much the leash, but it all depends on the size of your dog and your needs as a pet owner.  So lets have a K9 conversation and look at the various dog collars, dog harnesses, dog muzzle leaders and dog leashes on the market to meet your needs.

What is a leash?

A dog leash is a connection from the dog handler’s hand to the dog.  It allows the handler (the person walking the dog or accompanying the dog) to control their movement and ensure they don’t get too far away.  In its most simple form, a leash can be a rope tied to the dog’s collar and held in the hand.  We have come much further as a society and now have a variety of dog leashes available.  From retractable leashes to ones with reflective fabric, its as much personal preferences as you wish.

Retractable leashes are best suited for smaller dogs that don’t pull to hard, as retractable leashes tend to be a thinner, smaller leash.  For bigger dogs or dogs that pull more, a thicker more sturdy leash is warranted.  If you are the type that likes to go for night walks or hikes, then a leash with reflective fabric built-in is probably the best idea.

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Dog Collars

Now this area is probably one of the longest and most in-depth.  There is no shortage of styles of dog collars.  Besides all the different colors and fabrics, there are training collars, pinch collars, harnesses, leaders and much more to choose from.  When looking for a dog collar its first important to consider your dog’s needs. 

If you have a smaller dog with breathing troubles, a collar around the neck is something you will want to avoid.   In addition, if you have a dog whose neck is larger than their head, you want to avoid using a collar (for leash connection) as they can pull backward and slip out of it.

If you are working on walking and control, front clip harnesses are a great option.

Short-nosed dogs and those with breathing problems are most comfortable in back clip harnesses.

In addition to the various colors available, there are many fabrics, reflective parts and breathable designs to fit just about any need.

So let’s take a look at these various collars and harnesses available.



Standard Dog Collars

For the most part and for many dogs a standard dog collar, a single loop around the neck works just fine.  However, if you have a small dog, a dog with breathing trouble or a dog whose head is smaller than their neck, you want to avoid these options.

Here are some options for standard Dog Collars, that you can pick up from Amazon.

Martingale collar

This is a new take on an old idea.  For a long time choke collars were used to train dogs and teach them walking.  The standard choke design can lead to a dog pulling until the choke themselves and pass out.  Martingale collars provide a similar choke action but limit how much pressure can be applied to the dog’s throat, so they cannot overdo it.  It may be slightly safer, but still best to supervise a dog whenever they have this or a choke collar on.


Front Clip Dog Harness

This style of harness design wraps around the dog’s chest and back and provides a leash clip on the front of their chest.  This helps to prevent pulling and allows the owner to steer the dog.  It’s best for dogs that don’t have bad behavior on a leash but need to work on loose leash walking.

Here are some from our partners at Amazon.

Back Clip Dog Harness

This style also wraps around the dog’s back and chest but provides the leash clip on their back.  It’s great for short noses dogs or dogs with breathing trouble.  It is hard for dogs to slip out of these harnesses and they work great.

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GPS Dog Collars

Technology, oh we would be lost without thee.  There are now GPS dog collars available!  So with a monthly fee and a special collar, you can track your dogs location with GPS!  Expensive.  Yes.  If you have a dog that tends to run away or get out easily, AKA escape artists, then a GPS dog collar might be for you!

Dog Tags

Please, please, please make sure you have a dog tag on your dog’s collar.  Have the dog’s name, and your phone number on it.  This is probably the single most important thing every dog owner should do.  Make sure people know how to find you if your dog ends up separated from you!