Dog toys come in all shapes, sizes, materials, colors and much more. Some dogs love squeaky toys, some humans don’t, some dogs love fabric dog toys, rubber dog toys, bone dog toys, rope dog toys, there are soo many different kids. Keep in mind some are better for certain types of dogs than others. It’s important to evaluate your dogs style and needs when picking a particular toy. There are even dog toys that dispense food as they play with the toy!

The opportunities are really endless. Making your own toys can also be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience to find uses for old shirts, socks and much more

So lets dig in as we explore the Best Dog Toys and have a K9 Conversation

Picking a Dog Toy

Where to start. There are so many options when it comes to dog toys, you need to think about what your dog likes and what you as the owner like. For example if you hate the squeaky sound a certain toy makes, well don’t buy that if you don’t like the squeak! Maybe your dog is a bit more destructible and you need a tougher toy. Or maybe you have an active dog that likes to fetch, you can do tennis balls, foot balls, Frisbees and much more.

My little Yorkie loves sock monkeys and well really any soft toy with a squeak!

My friends lab loves bones and rawhides. So it might be best to walk your dog around the local pet store, and see what fits their fancy. Then we can get into all the fun types of toys out there!

Indestructible Dog Toys

Every one wants a dog toy that last forever right? Wouldn’t that make The Best Dog Toy? Sadly, I don’t know if there are dog toys that will last forever.

There are certainly some that come close, surviving being chewed, thrown, getting dirty, getting cleaned and chewed some more. Many dogs seem to find pleasure in finding ways to destroy a toy, and thats a lot of the fun for them, get that squeaker out! Or get all the stuffing out! Right?!?

Here are some great, indestructable dog toys from Amazon