The decision to become a pet parent for the first time is quite the big decision.  It comes with a lot of responsibility, it requires a lot of patience, caring, love and understanding.  Dogs are a humans best friend as they say.  Why?  Because they love unconditionally.  They will be your pal, your partner and your confident for life.

A key thing to understand, I believe when it comes to being a pet owner is to know the following.  A pet may be part of your life, but you are a pets whole life.  That means that dogs experience in life, is you as its owner and you get to dictate how amazing a life they have!

When it comes to dogs there are certain breeds that are much easier going, have calmer personalities and are easier trained.  These are the breeds that are best for first time pet parents and owners.

So, with being said lets have a K9 conversation about some of the best dog breed for first time owners!

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Small Sized Dogs For First Time Pet Owners

Smaller sized dogs are best for people living in apartments or small living spaces, want a dog they can pick up and carry around easily.  Generally speaking, smaller dogs eat less food, which in turn effects cost of the food for your pet.  They can be easier to manage their hair, easier to bathe at home and easier to travel with on road trips.

The top 5 small dogs for first time owners:

white short haired bulldog smiling

White short haired bulldog smiling

One of the easiest going and mild tempered dogs you can find. Take them for a quick walk, maybe a short run or game of fetch, hit the sofa and watch some TV and your bulldog will be happy.  They are affectionate and friendly, great with kids and like to play.  Although their energy is short lived, once they have had enough fun, they love a nice long nap!

Boston Terrier
Brown with White Features Boston Terrier sitting on the grass

Brown with White Features Boston Terrier sitting on the grass

Nick named the “American Gentlemen” because of their tuxedo like hair coloring & patterns, these dogs are great for first time dog owners. They don’t drool much, shed very little, are easy to groom and are friendly dogs.  They have high energy levels, love to play and are generally easy to train.

tan and white chihuahua looking right into the camera with ears perked

tan and white chihuahua looking right into the camera with ears perked

Tons of personality and affectionate are the main traits of this dog. They love attention and affection, are easy to groom and easy to train.  They can be fragile, so they are best suited for new dog owners who have kids over 8 years of age.

Tan and White Corgi walking on wall next to lake with tongue out

Tan and White Corgi walking on wall next to lake with tongue out

Highly intelligent, affectionate and tolerate kids well. They have a natural herding tendency so when kids are playing they will try and get involved and may nip.  They tolerate being left alone, but do require daily exercise and have can overindulge, so watch the food intake.

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)
Yorkie Sitting In a Feild Wind Blowing In Its Face

Yorkie Sitting In a Feild Wind Blowing In Its Face

Huge personalities!  These dogs are great companions, are very active and interactive.  Their hair type makes grooming them not the easiest, but they shed very little.  They can be noisy and can be difficult to house train, so they require some extra patience.

Medium to Large Dogs For First Time Owners and Pet Parents.

Larger dogs generally need more room to exercise and live.  They take up more space and generally eat more food.  So for our larger dogs, its best to have a home or town home with a yard, or the time to go frequently to a large dog park for them to run and have fun

Top 5 larger dogs for first time pet owners:

White Labradoodle looking into camera at sunset

White Labradoodle looking into camera at sunset

Similar to the Saint Berdoodle, this time mixing a poodle with a Labrador, these dogs are hypo-allergenic and a great family dog & therapy dog.  These dogs are happy curled up with their human on the couch, but happy to go outside and play at a moments notice.  Lastly a great dog for first time dog owners with kids!

Berger Picard
A long time sheepdog, very intelligent and easy to train. These dogs make great playmates for kid, have good energy levels, love to play and need regular exercise.

Have a large family? Then this is the perfect dog for new pet owners.  Energetic and socialiable, they love being around their humans.  Make sure to spend lots of time with them, they love the outdoors and going on road trips.  Very intelligent, pretty easy to train, dog and human friendly, labmaraners make wonderful additions to families and are get pets for first time owners.

Saint Berdoodle
Take a Saint Bernard and a Poodle and mix them! They are friendly, loyal and great pets for the family.  They love attention and spending time with the family, they seek out their humans.  They do shed a bit, but they don’t droll like a Saint Bernard.  These are big dogs and need a big house and yard.

Silken Windhound
Intelligent, very trainable, easy to groom and playful.  These dogs have great personalities, like kids and are affectionate with their families.

Wrapping Up The Best Dogs For First Time Pet Owners

When it comes to being a dog owner for the first time, there are many things to learn and experiences to have.  Dogs are fantastic companions and add so much value to our lives.  We highly recommended rescuing or adopting your pet.  There are so many in need of loving homes, and they will reward you with years of love and loyalty.